Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Battery Power Saving Tips

Dear All,

Battery life can vary depending on usage. Here are some power saving tips to maximize battery life:

> charging your smartphones as much as possible
> Use wall charger to charge your device

> Reduce volume
> Use headphones
> Load media using blackberry desktop manager 
> turn off equalizer setting

> visit mobile site where applicable 
> turn repeat animations to a lower setting (browser-options-General properties)
> closed browser when finished using (used esc key not red end key)

Screen/ Keyboard
> reduce backlight timeout (options-screen/keyboard)
> reduce backlight brightness (options-screen/keyboard)
> holster smartphones (turn off LCD automaticly)
> set audible roll to mute (options-screen/keyboard)
> key tones off (options-screen/keyboard)

Network Connection 
> turn off unused connections when not in used i.e GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth
> use auto on/off
> use single mode only i.e 2G, 3G, 

> use shortcuts instead of activing Java menu (Browser -options-browser configuration)

> Turn off flash 
> set picture size to small (camera option)
> set picture quality to normal (camera option)

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