Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Blackberry Torch Running Slow? Tips To Getting It Back To Full Speed

Hi Peeps,

You getting problem speed of your Blackberry Torch? Let's get some tips here. 

1. Memory Check
Options> Device > Application Management > Memory
Check what apps are taking up the most space. If you see any apps taking up a lot of memory you need to removed it or updated. You can also check "Application Storage" to make sure you have a proper amount of memory available.

2. Operating System
It's important to know if you have the latest OS as well. You can check here 
Option> Device> About Device Versions

If you don't have latest official OS you need to upgrade your device. You can always go to and check for the latest official OS. Once you have the latest OS install it to your PC and upload to your Blackberry Device using BBSAK which is the easiest ways to upload your OS. This BBSAK application can be downloaded at

Hopefully your Torch is back up to speed. If not, there are a ton of tips you can get from and many others. feel free to leave a comment on this post if you’re still having problems and I’ll try and help.

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